Willie the Jester Paper Puppet

Download PDF Here

Fold-a-Face puppet of our Guild Mascot

 Create this Fold-a-Face paper puppet in Five easy steps:

  1. First, print and cut out your puppet template (We recommend printing on cardstock for a more durable puppet)
  2. Next, fold back along the vertical dotted lines.
  3. Fold forward along the horizontal line that goes across the mouth.
  4. Fold the top part of the face up.
  5. Insert your thumb and index finger into the pockets created by the folds.

 Happy crafting! 

Download Paper Puppet Template Here 

Hummingbird Puppet for January Zoom Meeting

Download Hummingbird printable  here

Get ready for our upcoming Guild meeting via Zoom by printing out this hummingbird paper puppet.  Printing on card stock is recommended. You will need scissors and glue for this craft as well as any medium with which you’d like to color your hummingbird.


Guild Mascot Jumping Jack

Create your own “Jumping Jack” puppet of our Guild’s mascot at home! Click the link below to download the PDF.  We recommend printing on cardstock.  You will need 10 brad fasteners.  Happy crafting!

  SFBAPG Jumping Jack