Scholarships and Eligibility Guidelines

Guidelines for SFBAPG Scholarships 1/9/15

1.An applicant must be a member of the SFBAPG in good standing for at least two years before being eligible to apply for a Scholarship.

2.Each Guild Member is limited to receive one scholarship every four years.

3.Guild Members who have not received an SFBAPG Scholarship will be given priority over members that have received an SFBAPG Scholarship in the past.

4.The scholarship amounts and the number of scholarships awarded will be determined by the Scholarship Committee based on the amount in the Scholarship Fund and the number and quality of Applicants. No award shall exceed the Basic Registration Cost of Festival/Workshop for which the scholarship is to be used.

5.In the event a SFBAPG Scholarship Recipient receives an additional Scholarship from another source covering Festival/Workshop Registration, the Recipient will receive a small stipend to help cover travel and/or lodging. The stipend may not exceed 1⁄2 of the Basic Registration Cost of the Festival/Workshop for which the Scholarship is to be used.

6.Applicants are required to submit a completed Application Form and Two Letters of Recommendation to the Scholarship Committee.

7. Letters of Recommendation may not come from current Scholarship Committee Members.

8.Timeline: Scholarship Applications and Letters of Recommendation for summer festivals/workshops should be received by the scholarship committee no later than March 1st. If funds are available, the scholarship committee may accept applications for scholarships at other times with at least an 8 week processing time before registration is due.

9.The Scholarship Payment will be made directly to the Festival/Workshop for which the scholarship is to be used. Travel Stipends will be given directly to the Scholarship Recipient.

10.The Scholarship Committee will be made up of at least Three Guild Members. The Scholarship Committee will not be eligible for Scholarships while they are serving on the Scholarship

11.The Scholarship Committee will award scholarships base on financial need and the Quality of the Application and Letters of Recommendation. The Scholarship Committee will also be responsible for determining the validity and quality of the Festival/Workshop.

12.The Scholarship recipient agrees to do a presentation at an upcoming SFBAPG meeting, or write an article for the newsletter about his/her experience at the festival attended. The applicant agrees to write the article, or make the presentation within one year of the festival or workshop for which the scholarship is presented. The Board may also allow the recipient to do another service to the guild that is approved by the Scholarship Committee.

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