2012 July Newsletter

July 2012 Newsletter   In this issue: • Board Officer Election Results • Puppet Slam • National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center • Reviews of Warhorse and Thumbelina • Puppets for sale • Benefits of Membership • Calendar • And a little bit of other stuff…

2012 May Newsletter

In this issue: Spring Meeting and Board Elections Deadline for 2013 National Extended Chicken Photo Shoot New Book: “Puppets the Fairyland Way” Puppet Fest Midwest Video Puppetry Workshop Lex’s Crazy Whirlwind Weekend in L.A. Calendar And a little bit of other stuff… Download File

2012 April Newsletter

In this issue: Spring Meeting Board Nominations Information on the 2013 National Festival Thank You’s Calendar And a little bit of other stuff… https://sfbapg.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/1204_newsletter.pdf

2012 March Newsletter

In this issue: War Horse Special Event PuppetFest Midwest “What in the World” at Sonoma Community Center Storytelling Workshops Calendar   https://sfbapg.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/1203_SFBAPG_Newsletter.pdf

2012 January Newsletter

Here is the January newsletter  0112_SFBAPG_Newsletter In this issue:   Puppet Build Pictures on Facebook   Guild members  on The Muppet Movie   Membership Perks   Años Viejos   Dragon Puppet Diagram   Calendar      

2011 September Newsletter

In this issue: Latest News on the 50th Gala Five Decades Ago – A Remembrance by Luman Coad Pictures From the Meeting at Fairyland Memoir Reading Review Cantastoria Festival Review Call For Webmaster Calendar 1109_SFBAPG_Newsletter

2011 August Newsletter

The August newsletter is up and can be downloaded here:1108_SFBAPG_Newsletter In this issue: Upcoming Meeting at Fairyland Latest News on the 50th Gala Memoir Reading Announcement Adult Puppetry in San Francisco Calendar

2011 July Newsletter

Here is the July, 2011 newsletter. In this issue: Election Results Upcoming Events Giant Puppets Visiting Puppeteers Puppet Images From the Web Announcements Calendar And Much More! July, 2011 Newsletter