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SFBAPG Meeting of April 9, 2011

SFBAPG Meeting of April 9, 2011 Location: Zocalo’s Coffee Shop, San Leandro Meeting called to order at 7:05 P.M. by Conrad Bishop Newsletter: Talib announced he is back as newsletter editor Scholarship Committee: Art – new guidelines are out for scholarships. Please send in applications and questions to Art. 50th […]

Guild Meeting 1/29/11

The January Meeting of the SFBAPG was held on Jan. 29th at Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda, CA. Meeting called to order by Conrad at 6:35 PM Announcements: Regarding Scholarships from P of A  for the upcoming National Festival:  Applications are available online. Guild Web site:  If members offer […]

SFBAPG Guild Meet 8/5/08

Location: Oakland Fairyland – Puppet Workshop Meeting called to order by Michael Nelson at 1:07 PM. Present: Michael Nelson, Lee Armstrong, Valerie Nelson, Randal Metz, Barbara Grillo Talib Huff, Conrad Bishop, Sharon Clay. Absent. Mary Decker. Treasurer’s Report: Income: 2007-2008 2360.70 Expenses: 1375.06 (Newsletter $714.26) Balance: 6501.86 Election of Officers: […]

SBAPG Guild Meet 8/25/07

Held at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland. The meeting was called to order by President Michael Nelson at 4:48 PM.  Members present: 20 Minutes of previous meeting – not available Treasurer’s report by Valerie Nelson: Current Balance: $5526.22 as of 8/25/07 This is the time to renew our membership and pay […]

SFBAPG Guild Meet 3/25/07

The meeting, held at the Sonoma Community Center, was preceded by a performance by Paul Mesner, “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf.” The business meeting began at 4:32. President Michael Nelson introduced the board members: Mike Wick, Co-Vice President, Treasurer Valerie Nelson, Newsletter Editor: Michael […]

SFBAPG Guild Meet 8/26/06

SFBAPG meeting of August 26th was held at Oakland’s Fairyland, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Fairyland and the “Grand Opening” of the remodeled puppet workshop and stage.. The meeting was preceded by a viewing of a video taken by Lee Armstrong at the 26th Annual Puppet Faire -in 1988. On […]