SFBAPG Guild Meet 8/5/08

Location: Oakland Fairyland – Puppet Workshop

Meeting called to order by Michael Nelson at 1:07 PM.

Present: Michael Nelson, Lee Armstrong, Valerie Nelson, Randal Metz, Barbara Grillo Talib Huff, Conrad Bishop, Sharon Clay. Absent. Mary Decker.

Treasurer’s Report:

Income: 2007-2008 2360.70

Expenses: 1375.06 (Newsletter $714.26)

Balance: 6501.86

Election of Officers:

The membership of the Guild elected a board, and the board will elect the officers within the elected members.

Election: Michael – willing to be Pres. 1 more year. Nominated by Talib, 2nd by Conrad

Vice Pres. – Randal – nomin membership officer, led by Valerie.

White ballot moved by Sharon, 2nd by Barbara, since there was only one nominee for each

office. Approved.ated by Valerie, 2nd Barbara

Valerie – Treasurer –

Secretary – Sharon – nominated by Barbara, 2nd Valerie

Membership Officer – Conrad – nom. by Lee, 2nd Talib

Discussion of the duties of

Discussion of how often board should meet – led by Michael.

Options: Every other month or in conjunction with regular guild meeting. Formal meetings?

Telephone? Email? Decision: 6 x year. Some formal get togethers, some by

phone or email.

Goals of the board: Direction of Guild. This will determine some of the positions needed.

Presented by Michael & discussed by the board.

Publicity of puppetry (bigger presence; promoting puppetry among guild members, community, theater community.

Providing events for members: tie in with publicity – things like the Liebe workhop, day of puppetry, puppet festivals, puppet lams, guild meetings

Education: How can we promote and elevate the art form of puppetry. Where can we refer people who contact us wanting to know where they or their children can learn puppetry?

Website: – it has been suggested that our website become more “user/consumer friendly” with more information about performers, photos, videos, puppetry promotions. Conrad will investigate this.

Work for puppeteers/lobbying – how can we encourage more paying work for puppeteers?

Scholarships – We have had donations to our “scholarship fund” – need to formalize the criteria for funding and awarding of scholarships.

Guild Funds: What should they be used for?

Committees – Chairs:

Library – Currently Lee has it. Lee & Conrad will continue as co-librarians. Conrad will start cataloging books. It was suggested that a list of the books, tapes, CD’s be printed in the annual membership roster that goes out to everyone so members know what items are available. Then they could ask that these be brought to the next meeting of the guild.

Newsletter: Talib volunteered to edit the newsletter.

Historian: Position needs to be filled.

Hospitality Chair: Valerie – with non-board members to be added.

Email coordinator: Mary Decker

Nominating Committee: (not discussed, but currently Padmini, Elisheva and Tia)

Scholarship Chair: Michael suggested that we set up a scholarship committee to establish criteria for scholarship or whether we use some of the fund for “seed” money for special projects. Funding sources were discussed – on dues notice, raffles, wills, estates. Etc.

Committee would decide if scholarship would be based on need or willingness to “give back” to guild after attending conference etc. What would be qualifications for youth receiving scholarship?

Mary Decker will be asked to present the procedure to the board that need to be followed to set up this committee. The committee can also suggest how should the scholarship fund be accounted: separately from regular funds? In a separate account.

Web Master: Matt

Public Relations: Conrad

Future Meetings: Lee, with Sharon and Barbara

Continuing Education: (possibly combine with scholarship?) Barbara

Barbara suggested that it might be possible to arrange Guild events that would provide continuing education for teachers. Also, possible to receive grants for these events. She will investigate.

Guild Events Chair: possibly combine with future meetings?

Michael asked each committee chair to write up the committee’s short term “to-do” list: what are the actions that you will take first to achieve your goals. And also note your long term goals (these can be short & are to help organize yourself and the committee, also to help get input fromthe board that may make the task easier.

Next board meeting: August 30, 3:00 PM. Fairyland

Following meeting: October 5th. (Sharon will not be available)

Program possibilities: October – Art Grueneberger?

January: Holiday Party – possibly Kevin

Spring: Barbara will look into grant for ‘for credit” options

Meeting adjourned.

Sharon Clay, secretary