Annual Puppet Fair at Fairyland

Sat., Aug 26 Fairyland, Puppet Fair 10:00-4:30

699 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland
Oakland, CA

Your Guild has been participating in Puppet Fair at Fairyland since 1956! Join us for this action-packed day of puppet shows, a puppet exhibit and events, provided by Fairyland. Admission: Admission to Fairyland is free to Guild members who are volunteering. If your membership needs to be renewed, please do this before Aug 15th, so we can give a current list to Fairyland. At admissions, say that you’re with the Puppet Guild and have come to help. However, if you are bringing friends that are not members of the Guild and are not helping, they must pay admission (unless they want to join the Guild that day. If so, they should go directly upon entering to the Guild Info booth). Bart & AC Transit bus can take you to Fairyland. Additional info on directions, parking, etc. is at

The Puppet Fair Saturday schedule.
It Could Always Be Worse – Showtimes: 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m. at the
Storybook Puppet Theater

A funny Yiddish tale of a Jewish family that is unhappy with their living conditions. A mother, father, baby and two children all living in a very small house are fed up with their overcrowded, noisy home. They seek out the local Rabbi who advises solutions and tries to tell them that it could always be worse. Will this family ever learn to be happy with what they have? Come to Fairyland and find out! This show features lively klezmer music for a fully spirited performance!
Puppets designed by Elizabeth Luce. Rod puppets created by Randal Metz.
Scenery by Lewis Mahlmann. Script by Shana Barchas, Inspired by a Traditional Folktale.

“Three Dinosaurs Gruff” presented by The Puppet Company
Showtime: 12:00 p.m. at the Emerald City Stage

Granny Brachiosaurus is telling her friend Grumpy Greta, a Pterodactyl, the tale of three dinosaur brothers. A Stegosaurus, a Triceratop, and a Ceratosaurus who all love to cross a tree bridge each day to nap, eat, and play on the other side. But what will happen when Ugh, a trollish caveman, moves in under the bridge? Our show teaches children the importance of working together, problem solving, and getting along. The pre-hysterical comedy pokes fun at the famous “3 Billy Goats Gruff” tale through the use of
imagery, music, and songs. A family treat millions of years in the making!
The Puppet Company was created by Randal Metz and has been producing imaginative family entertainment for close to 50 years.

12:35-1:15 Guild Meet & Greet & Lunch break.
From 12:35-12:50 gather at the benches at the Storybook Puppet Theater for a quick “hi” to meet other Bay Area puppeteers and keep you up to date on puppet happenings in the Bay area on beyond.

Then, for folks that would like to do lunch at this time, the group can have lunch break at the benches, at the tables near the snack bar or some shady area of your choosing. We’d strongly recommend bringing a bag lunch and beverage, as the lineup at the snack area can be long.

Please sign up at Sign Up Genius,

“The Frog Prince” presented by Fratello Marionettes
Showtime: 1:30 p.m. at the Emerald Stage
This production of the classic fairy tale follows the spoiled princess Ofelia on her birthday.
Her life is changed by a chance meeting with a frog – who we know to be a handsome prince, transformed by a witch. When she loses her new golden ball down a well, the princess promises to grant the frog three wishes in exchange for the ball’s recovery. Will Ofelia follow th rough with her promises, and will the frog turn back into the handsome Prince?
The Fratello Marionettes has produced timeless marionette shows since 1989. Puppeteer
Kevin Menegus brings classic stories and vignettes to life through hand-crafted

Bob Baker Marionettes of L.A. presents a Musical Variety Show
Showtimes: 2:30 p.m. at the Aesop’s Playhouse
Since 1963, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater has been part of imagination and fantasy that thrives in Los Angeles, with over 200 performances a year, utilizing over 2000 handcrafted puppets. Join Alex Evans as he presents his one-man variety show with marionettes from Bob Baker.
The Bob Baker Marionette Theater of Los Angeles was founded by Bob Baker and Alton Wood. It’s reportedly the oldest children’s theater company in America.

Note: Puppet Fair continues Sunday, Aug 27. The schedule is similar to Saturday’s schedule with a few changes. Find online at

Volunteers: We need volunteers!
● Do you have a puppet and would like to greet kids as you walk around the park? Bring your puppet and surprise kids as they enter the park, roam the ground and engage families in the fun or team up with another puppeteer for lively banter.
● Or would you like to help at the puppet making table? All materials and instruction are provided.
● Or answer puppet and Guild questions at the Puppet Guild Info Booth/Library + monitor puppet exhibit (your table will face the puppet exhibit)?

Thank you! If you would like to display some of your puppet creations, contact Randal Metz at (510) 569-3144. You MUST have your puppet at Fairyland no later than 10:00 on Sat. 26th
Guild Library will be at Fairyland
The Guild library has hundreds of books covering a variety of topics. Books & DVD’s will be available for checkout at the Guild Info Table for people that have been members for at least 6 months. If you have a book checked out, please return it at Fairyland. If you can’t make Fairyland, please mail it to…
Guild Librarian, Lee Armstrong, 720 Ladera Dr., Sonoma, CA 95476.