2024 Guild HolidayParty and Tabletop Workshop Saturday, February 17th

Mark your calendars and save the date! Saturday, February 17th for the Guild Holiday Party and Tabletop Workshop

Vallejo Naval and Historic Museum
734 Marin Street Vallejo, CA

Access: Disability access to the event is easy from the North parking lot.

Happy Holidays! We invite you, your friends and family to the Annual Puppet Guild Holiday Party! This will be a unique experience. Never before have we had a Puppet Olympics, or as we call it The Puppetahalon. Preparation started in November., when the great puppet fabricator Mary H. Nagler flew out from Virginia to help us construct our PuppetAthletes. And there’s the museum as well, which current features a special puppet exhibit.  So, save the date of February 17th for a great get-together!

The Puppetahlon Prep Team is preparing the challenging course which may make the bravest Puppet quiver in its socks. Other Guild members are fabricating the prestigious awards for this year’s best and brightest Puppet Manipulators.

On Feb 17th at our stadium at the Naval Museum in Vallejo, Puppet Manipulators will attend a rigorous training early in the afternoon. Later they will compete for the highest prizes. Please come and participate or cheer on your favorite PuppetAthlete. DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT! I attended the Puppetahalon at the Seattle Puppet Festival and it was a hilarious highlight…and safe for children of all ages.

But wait, there’s more at the Holiday Party! The Spooky Squeals Musical Spectacular by Hugo & Wing Shum, plus a puppet scavenger hunt, puppet exhibit, raffle, lending library, refreshments and more!  

Please RSVP to this event no later than Friday, February 9th 2024 at the following
link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050E4BAEAB2AA7FC1-47006623-holiday

Bathrooms: There is a short staircase in the building to get down to the bathroom level from the guild event. If accessed from inside, this must be walked. Wheeled access to the bathroom level is available but at this time it involves exiting the building on the northside (into the parking lot) and then going around the exterior of the building to the south side of the building where museum personnel can open a door on the bathroom level. They will provide personnel to do that, but it is a bit of a trip around the building on the sidewalk. This is because of a broken elevator and the museum apologizes profusely for this inconvenience.