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September 2013 Newsletter

The September 2013 newsletter may be downloaded here: 1309_SFBAPG_Newsletter In this issue: • August Meeting Review • Backstage with Jesus, Sid, and Greyson announcement • Images in Motion in a Museum • A Circle of (Puppet) Life • A Fond Farewell • Calendar • And that’s all folks!

August 2013 Newsletter

In this issue: • August Meeting Preview • Memories of SFBAPG • A Midsummer Night’s Tribute • Thank you note from Mary Nagler • News from the Puppeteers of America • historical documentary film • 30th Fraggle Rock Reunion In Toronto • Broadway Under the Stars Review • Calendar • […]

July 2013 Newsletter

The July Newsletter is up and can be downloaded here: 1307_SFBAPG_Newsletter In this issue: • New Board Members • GIFTS by The Independent Eye • Giant 4th of July Puppets • A First Marionette • Calendar • And proof of global warming (see above)…

Guild meeting minutes 4/6/13

GUILD MEETING MINUTES of April 6, 2013, at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, San Jose, California. President Art Gruenberger reported that we are working hard to have meetings all around the Bay Area (per our name).  Board elections are due in May.  Some board members rotate off this year.  If […]

June 2013 Newsletter

The June newsletter can be downloaded here: 1306_SFBAPG_Newsletter In this issue: • Board Candidate Statements • More Memories of Jane Henson • Petaluma Art Center Puppet Class • Printing Puppets in 3D • Midsummer Puppet Slam • Calendar • And a few other bits and pieces…

May 2013 Newsletter

Here is is May, 2013 newsletter: Download here. In this issue: • Review from Happy Hallow • Call for Nominations • Jane Henson Passes • Calendar • And that’s about it…

April 2013 Newsletter

The April 2013 newsletter may be downloaded here: April 2013 SFBAPG Newsletter In this issue: • April meeting • Sock Puppets at the Oscars • Shadow Circus Creature Theatre Web Films • Julie Taymor Announcement • Upcoming Events • Calendar • And a “Find the Fool” Hunt…

March 2013 Newsletter

In this issue: • Save the Dates (Upcoming Meetings) • More Memories of Howie Leifer • Hello From Herbert Lange • A Message From the President of the P of A • Scholarship News • There’s An App For That • Calendar • And a little tidbit at the end… […]

February 2013 Newsletter

In this issue: • Holiday Party Review • Remembering Howie Leifer • Images in Motion Offers 3D Printing • Review of Cabinets of Wonder • Puppet Flash Mob • Calendar • And not much else really… February 2013 SFBAPG Newsletter