Festival Workshop Presenter Application

The Puppet Festival is at the Sonoma Community Center Aug 2nd & 3rd. You can suggest a workshop on any topic in your application, but you may want to consult the Puppet Festival Survey to see which workshops received the most interest. You can look at the topics in the Survey and see if you have expertise in one or more of the education/library topics.

Festival Workshop Presenter Application

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Workshop Details

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Who is your target audience?
Which category would you place this workshop?*
What Type(s) of Puppets will you be using or working with?
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Consider all chairs in row, tables & chairs, how much space in front for you, etc.
(how many tables for your materials, equipment, A/V, tools, whiteboard, electricity, etc.)
(regular classroom seats 15-20 students, community room seats 30-50)
Does your workshop require materials?
(If we are purchasing them for you, then please be very specific)
Workshops are proposed to be 75-90 minutes. To provide variety, most workshops will need to be completed in 1 time slot. However, if you need 2 (or more) you are welcome to propose a longer workshop. Please let us know if you need 2 or more time slots to cover your material?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.