October 2020 Nick Barone Workshop: Make a Crankie!

Save the Date: October 5- The Crankies are coming!

The date for the Nick Barone Memorial crankie workshop has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 5th. It will be held at The Veteran’s Hall in Benicia.

What is a crankie, you ask? Well, a crankie is an old storytelling art form where a long illustrated scroll is inserted into a box with an open front. The scroll is wound onto 2 spools that are hand cranked like an old time film reel. Stories can be narrated or accompanied with music or singing. Camilla Henneman will be leading the workshop. Camilla Henneman (recently retired teacher & special effects artist)- has been making crankies with her students for the past few years, as well as creating crankie pieces for puppet slams and potpourri.

In the workshop we will look at examples of performances from contemporary crankie artists. We will explore different types of crankies that you can make with children as well as ones you can perform with. Participants will have the opportunity to make at least one crankie in the workshop. Materials will be provided for a small crankies. You can bring other materials and tools that you would like to work with as well. More information will be coming out in the next newsletter as well as information on how to sign up for the workshop.