Membership Meeting – 4/14/14

Guild meeting at Happy Hollow minutes.

(By Camilla Henneman)

The evening portion of the meeting started off with a show of some of the park’s resident wildlife. We got to meet a porcupine from Brazil. That was followed by a lovely dinner of chicken, salad, chili, and brownies.

Lex Rudd presided over the meeting. She introduced the board members. Then all the members introduced themselves.

Valerie Nelson gave a report form the nominating committee. She gave a description of what the guild board job entails. She informed the members that voting will be at the next meeting. Members may also vote by mail in ballot (ballot will be printed in the newsletter), and by email.

Lee Armstrong gave a brief plug and explanation of the meeting that she and Kamela are hosting at their studio on May 31. The event is called “Puppets on TV” The day will start with a workshop led by Mary Nagler. The event is free, but if people want to attend the workshop there will be a fee. The workshop will cost $50 and will include a kit to create the puppet she will be demonstrating. There will be a 3D printing demonstration. In the evening there will be movies.

Elishiva spoke about the upcoming memorial for Lewis Mahlmann at Fairyland. The memorial will be either Saturday the 14th or Sunday, the 15th of June. More information will be coming out closer to the date. The guild meeting at Fairyland will be on Saturday, August 2nd. Again, more information will be coming out as the date gets closer.

Michael Nelson gave a Newsletter update. He put out a call for newsletter submissions to be in by the 25th of each month.

Judy Roberto spoke for a few minutes. She had set up an exhibit of puppets from the shows of Lewis Mahmann that are housed at Happy Hollow.

At the meeting there was an exhibit of toy theaters set up by Elishiva Hart. After the meeting there was a break while the performer set up. The show, by Katie Cristman was a toy theater performance of Sleeping Beauty.

After the performance, it was decided to save the workshop for another times as it was getting very late. We cleaned up, said our goodbyes, and headed home.