Stolen Puppets! Keep An Eye Open!

Yesterday, during the first day of our fall rehearsal, we found that
8 puppets had been stolen out of our van.
These are puppets that took us months to create for our show, “Little
One Inch.” I don’t have to tell you how devastating this kind of loss
is, and while we are doing what we can to find them, we can not waste
any time to try to recreate them in the next month, before the show
is scheduled to go on tour.
I’ve attached two photos, not sure if this is allowed. Photos of two
of the missing puppets, The Princess and the Daimyo, can also be
viewed here:
The characters are all Japanese, in very detailed costumes made
mostly of silk. Their heads are paper mache (no molds were used to
create them), wooden hands, bunraku-style.
The other missing characters are: Issun (Little One Inch Boy)- two
versions- one, about 20″ tall in a blue shirt and green pants, and
the other about 30″ tall in a light blue shirt and gold and while
pants. There’s also the Daimyo’s messenger, Grandma, Grandpa, and a
Kappa (a strange Japanese mythical creature who has the shell of a
turtle, arms and legs like a frog and the beak of a bird). If anyone
sees these (or has seen these) anywhere, please let me know! I figure
these days, with the internet, they could appear anywhere. Not sure
when the van was robbed, it was parked since the end of June.
Interestingly, they left several characters and even the sound and
light equipment.

Nancy Aldrich
Tears of Joy Theatre
323 NE Wygant St. #201
Portland, OR 97211