October Meeting

The October 23rd meeting began about 7:00pm on a cold and rainy evening with
8 members in attendance. The business meeting consisted of an open
discussion questioning whether the guild should maintain the monthly
meetings. It was suggested that we switch to a quarterly meeting, or
possibly a bi-monthly meeting. Most people agreed with maintaining the
monthly newsletter, but no final decision was made for the meetings. It will
be discussed with the board as well as the members, and a consensus will be
taking in the months to come. Randal also discussed how the Day of Puppetry
at Fairyland was not a money making venture for the guild this year because
of the fees paid for performers. It was also mentioned that we might try to
do an informal improv session during the meeting to get those creative juices flowing.
After the business meeting we were treated to a hands-on workshop using
Celluclay and how to make a simple hand puppet head. Everyone used Styrofoam
shapes and created a head using a mold to get started, or sculpting
freehand. Randal also discussed how to sand the head after the sculpting
process, and how to prime, paint and finish the Celluclay heads.