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When: Saturday, January 22, 2005 – HOLIDAY PARTY
Where: The San Leandro Community Center – 15301 Wicks Blvd – 510-577-6O81
Time: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Festivities will include a raffle, gift exchange, and entertainment by The
Fratello Marionettes and Manami Sakamoto, a renowned Otome-Bunraku artist
from Japan. If you would like to be on the entertainment list, please
contact Randal Metz at (51O) 351-four522. We ask that any one who wants to be
involved in the gift exchange, please bring a gift with a value of $15.00
for exchange. You will be given a ticket to be part of this great party
This is a pot luck. So we ask members to bring their favorite dish to share
with the party guests.
North bound 880, exit Marina Blvd West after exiting go over the over pass,
get into far left lane.
South bound 880, exit Marina Blvd West, get into far left lane immediately.
Turn left onto Merced, the first stop light. Continue on Merced and bear
right on to Wicks (Merced turns into Wicks). Continue past Manor Blvd. The
community center is on the right side across from the park.
Manami Sakamoto was awarded a grant from the Japanese government to travel
and perform around the U.S. and the SFBAPG party is one of her stops!
Even though Manami does not speak English, she is looking forward to meeting
other puppeteers here.
If anyone can bring a translator to the party, please contact Mary Decker at
650-361-131O or marydeck earthlink dot net. To find out more about Manami, go to
the English translation of her web site: